Heroes & Heartaches CD

by Amber Snider

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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

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Heroes & Heartaches
A Tale of Love, Loss, Yearning & Learning.

Hi and thank you for being here. I want to talk a bit about this project and why it's so special to me. My god-father, Francisco Gallegos passed away in 2010 and the songs on this album are dedicated to and inspired by him.

The Story
Francisco was a father figure to me, a mentor, a music teacher, a life coach and a friend. He took my family in and gave us a home when I was very young, when we had nowhere to go. He continued to be there throughout his life. He loved me like a daughter and taught me many things. He was an amazing musician. He was a disciplinarian. He loved to laugh. He was very much a DIY guy and he was old school. He believed in hard work, dedication and he was constantly pushing boundaries until the day he died. At the end of his life, in his 70's he was still playing golf, recording songs, studying Spanish and learning to play the accordion. We were even collaborating on music together. I treasure that time we had. He was an inspiration and helped many people in his life.

The Songs
You'll notice a couple of songs with a distinctly 50's/60's vibe to them, that is a tribute to Francisco and his era. 'Guiding Light' is very much about our relationship on a personal level. I also included 'Should've Known Better' on this CD a single I released which has been getting a lot of attention lately spending many weeks in top indie folk charts as well as just winning a 2016 Akademia Music Award beating out hundreds of other songs. The album 'Heroes & Heartaches' is a tale of love, loss, yearning & learning diving into different layers and chapters of my life. It was a very emotional experience recording this CD as I started while grieving the death of my godfather and finished while pregnant with my first child. Major life changes. I know Francisco would've been proud of these songs and of me and that feels good. This project is dear to my heart and without him, it could've never happened.

The Studio
This marks my 7th CD release and my 2nd one working at Gawain Matthews' Studio, which is just an amazing process. I mean he's so talented, he can play just about any instrument you can think of. He works quick and gets the best out of you. You get top quality sound coming out of there and it's a gorgeous, pristine environment. He's in San Pablo overlooking the water there. He was a guitarist for Mickey Heart on tour and plays a bit here and there but mainly he is a studio guy and is amazing at it. One of his songs was featured on American Idol. He recorded The Amber Snider Band CD back in 2012 but this time I gave the band a break and it was just him and I on the tracks. Just incredible. I'm really excited about these songs.

The Cover
After recently having my baby, Autumn. It has become challenging to find a balance between being a mother, a wife, an artist, working to pay the bills and being healthy. You know when you stick a picture of yourself that you like on your fridge for inspiration? Well this is that picture for me. It's pre-baby and it's bringing sexy back, right? That's all I'm gonna say. It's a cool picture but it's also an inspiration for me to strive to be the best that I can be.

Final Word
I guess that's it. I hope you enjoy the CD. I'm really looking forward to you hearing these tracks, and if you order the CD Deluxe Bundle, you will get a CD, a physical copy signed and delivered to your house as well as an immediate digital download, 3 exclusive tracks that have not been released anywhere else plus "behind the music" material. All that for $29.

I really appreciate your guys' support and am excited about Heroes & Heartaches. Thank you and see you soon, bye.

"Ranging from ho-down-happy to storytelling-sad, Amber and her band mates deliver a slice of their own lyrically catchy, hook driven proverbial country-pop pie." - CMT/MTV


released August 4, 2016

Amber Snider, Gawain Mathews, Kyle Caprista


all rights reserved



Amber Snider Vallejo, California

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IMA Nominated Artist "Best Folk/Singer-songwriter Album of 2016"

Amber creates universal, high-energy, fun, yet reflective life stories through acoustic-electric music.

Her unique brand of folk-rock, country & blues can be summed up in just one word: "Ambericana".
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Track Name: Can’t Have Just One
CHORUS: Can’t have just one, can’t have just one, can’t have just one of anything. VERSE: Mama said better watch your fun, boy, it’ll catch up with you. Try to have some balance no matter what you do. (CHORUS) You got your money, got your drugs, got your lovers, got your Frit-o-lays. You got yourself working too hard and your lazy days. (CHORUS) How can you tell when enough is enough? When do you know when you’ve had too much? You’re sitting pretty while your world is spinning. You end up losing what you thought you were winning. Now you (CHORUS) Mama said better watch your fun, it’ll catch up with you. Try to have some balance no matter what you do. Listen up my child or you are gonna have to pay. Cuz’ if you can’t have just one there will come a day where there will be nothing left to say.
Track Name: Full Bloom
Maybe I can do better. Maybe you can too. Maybe we can find good weather. Somewhere the skies are blue. PRE-CHORUS: Maybe I could be more of what you bargained for. Maybe you could be just how you want to be... Maybe. CHORUS: All I ask for is one million kisses. All I need is my garden seeded. When the sun comes up all shining and new, our love will be in full bloom. VERSE: Maybe we have entered the dead of winter. Maybe our ships passing won’t be everlasting. (PRE-CHORUS & CHORUS)
Track Name: True Up
I'm waiting on you to make up your mind. I won't wait too long honey, you know I'm the loving kind. It's time for you to get real about what you want. It's time to true up baby, before we lose what we've got. CHORUS: Say you will, lay it down, on the line, now's the time. True Up (just keep it real) True Up (tell me how you feel) True Up (don't waste my time) True Up (messing with my mind). VERSE: Say you will lay your cards on the table cuz‘ I'm right here honey and I'm willing and able. You say you don't know what you want well if you don't then who does? I don't have enough love for the both of us. (CHORUS) I'm feeling sick I need to take better care of myself. All this worrying about you now there's none of me left. Maybe you will maybe you won't honey I don't really care. Ya’ know I might always love you but I won't always be there. (CHORUS) before I'm gone.
Track Name: Carnations
It was late February, when she told you she was moving on. She was missing history and felt that she was living wrong. PRE-CHORUS: So you drink her in. You drink her in. You drink her in... like... CHORUS: Carnations drink color. Like carnations drink color. Carnations drink color. VERSE: Her eyes dance moonlit miles. She pulls you in you want to cry. You'll always remember her till your dying day. No one's ever made you feel this way. (PRE-CHORUS & CHORUS) (you drink her) like water (like water) you drink her (you drink her) like water (you drink her) like water (like water) you need her (you drink her) like water like ooooh. Now you know what it is. This hell & happiness. Wrapped in a moment like this that will stay with you forever... like... (CHORUS)
Track Name: Almost Empty
She says, “sell yourself to the highest bidder.” Her eyes are cold she seems old and bitter. She says, “it’s been a long ride...” she looks down at her coffee, she still can’t decide what she will do. Her cup is almost empty; she’s had lovers a plenty but none of them ever mattered to her. All they ever gave her were diamonds and furs. She says, “you know, it didn’t always used to be like this. I use to think love did exist. I thought magic was in a kiss. But now my heart’s been locked up in a box. I never considered the cost, didn’t think I’d ever get this lost. I was just trying hard to get ahead. I didn’t listen to what mama said. She said, ‘follow your heart instead’.” But now her heart’s been locked up in a box. She never considered the cost; she didn’t think she’d ever get that lost. She was just trying so hard to get ahead. She didn’t listen to what mama said. She said, “follow your heart instead.”
Track Name: Guiding Light
I can still see the love in your eyes though your body was worn and your faith nearly gone. I can still feel the love in your heart though your health was not the same your inner strength remained. CHORUS: You were always the one we could turn to whenever we needed a friend. It was you who were strong enough for everyone. You were our guiding light you put up the fight all the way till the end. VERSE: I found this letter I started to write though it hurt too much to finish at the time. But now that it’s over I am writing it again. A long lost letter to a dear old friend. (CHORUS) There was too much darkness to see clear. I was swimming in an ocean of helpless fear. I hope you understood the words I could not say before. There was too much pain camping out on my front porch. (CHORUS) You were our guiding light you put up the fight all the way till the end.
Track Name: Hold On
Ease out, ease in. End then, begin again. CHORUS: Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, to love. VERSE: Time heals, spun wheels. Light fades to yesterdays. (CHORUS) Rain washes away pain. (CHORUS) Hold on to love.
Track Name: The Beat Goes Bad
We placed our bets on half-smoked cigarettes. We put all our eggs in one basket. Then it exploded in our faces. We work so hard to follow the plan. CHORUS: We tap our toes to the beat even when the beat goes bad. We tally up our choices and the time(s) we'll never get back. VERSE: My heart keeps beating in the eye of a storm and it bears repeating when change is the norm. We work so hard to follow the plan. (CHORUS) My true love rocks my world. Brings a tear to my eye. It makes life so beautiful and we're gonna be alright. We work so hard to follow the plan. We tap our toes to the beat even when the beat goes bad.
Track Name: Should've Known Better
Everyday I remind myself of what I believe, or else my faith might escape me. All of the love in my heart has been locked away, and baby, you hold the key. CHORUS: I should’ve known better, I guess I’ll never learn. I don’t ever realize what I have until it’s gone. Now it’s taking all of the strength that I have not to hold on. VERSE: I guess all along I’ve known it, though I’ve tried hard to disown it. They were my own insecurities. But now I’ve come to realize, after having said all of my good-byes, that you’re the only one that I’ll ever need. (CHORUS) Sweet memory, there you go again, sneaking’ up on me like a long, lost friend. I see your face everywhere but I can’t find another like you anywhere. You’re a ghost who’s haunting me. (CHORUS) And try to move on.
Track Name: I Will Be True
If you're in need of a friend and you can no longer pretend. If your eyes cannot see and you can no longer believe. If your mind is full of doubt and you've forgotten what it's all about. CHORUS: I will be there for you, if you need me I will be true. VERSE: If your time has come and gone and you cannot carry on. If your race has already been run and you feel you've only just begun. If all your chips are in the air and you feel like nobody cares. (CHORUS) You were always there for me, a tender heart who cared for me. Like a pilot at night, you gave me the sight and the courage to dream. You've been my angel, you make me feel free. I will be there for you, if you need me I will come through. I will love you forever and forever I will be true. Forever, I will be true. Forever, I will be true.
Track Name: The Sand of Time
Ain’t it the truth it comes and it goes when it comes hard and fast you just never know it. I want to reach out and grab a hold yeah with white knuckled fists I want to grab a moment. CHORUS: The sand runs through my hourglass I can’t seem to keep it from passing. With every grain it bears a change. The sand of time remains. VERSE: Hard knocks, hard life, hard truth, soft lies. Hard up, hard times, soft kisses, sweet goodbyes. A precious love makes you realize the world is greater than your size. (CHORUS) So many pictures without frames. One day they may not remain. Just grains of sand passing through time’s hand still I love them just the same. (CHORUS) I am not the same. It never stays that way. The sand of time remains.
Track Name: Heroes & Heartaches
Heroes & Heartaches
Words & Music by Amber Snider
©2016 ASCAP

CHORUS: Heroes & Heartaches and the space between. Where a heart breaks or a heart believes. Heroes & Heartaches, you gave to me such a heart break but I still believed.

VERSE: Someone you know may go either way. Towards the dark of night or into the light of day.


VERSE: I never wanted any other. I never felt the need. I waited for you to discover that you needed me.


VERSE: I tried to be strong thinking you would come along. You were a hero in my eyes but you didn’t realize.


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